Do Your Walks Get Shorter in the Winter?

Winter is coming. How does your dog feel about it? Some dogs would rather spend cold days covered in blankets, some can’t wait to plunge into snow piles like weasels. Surely many of us have some kind of an idea how different seasons and temperatures affect our dogs’ activity levels, but surprisingly there isn’t a lot of scientific data to be found regarding this topic.

Dogs, Humans and Dog Research

Methods and ideas that have long been dominant in social sciences are nowadays part of dog research. This doesn’t mean that dogs are humanized in sciences more than before. It means that different research designs in human sciences have been developed into versions that tell us about the dog as a species.

Remember Me?

Have you seen the viral animal videos of a human and their close animal friend meeting up after a long while, maybe after years of separation? These videos make you tear up even before you press play, since the reunions are most often quite touching.

Does the Dog Bite the Hand that Feeds?

Resource guarding in dogs is a common problem that may be a burden on life with a dog. If you constantly need to watch out for the dog or be prepared to scold them, both of you are actively weakening your level of cooperation multiple times a day. So, what can you do about it?

Take Joy in Your Ability to Change

Learning more about dog training and well-being may lead to feeling guilty after realizing the unreasonable or unfair ways of treating the dog.

On the Sofa or Not?

Can the dog be on the sofa or not? This question is on the minds of many dog owners.

Compassion Towards Animals

You may have heard about research regarding the dog’s play bow or how we found out the fish can feel pain too? This knowledge isn’t the most fresh science of the 21st century, but this aforementioned individual has been working for the benefit of our awareness already since the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Training Success with a Crash Diet?

I think dog training and dieting have a lot of similarities. I have experience with both.

A Dog’s Freedom of Choice and Well-Being

The dog’s freedom of choice means that the dog is able to get what they need in more than one way and have the opportunity to make choices regarding their behavior.

Kickstart the Autumn with the Dog Quarter!

A dog-like life is naturally important for the dog’s well-being in many ways. However, regardless of their species or breed, all dogs are individuals with their own preferences. And this is where the Dog Quarter comes in!

Taking Care of the Dog’s Well-being Is Beneficial for All

The dog’s well-being should be paid attention to every day. When a dog and their human family are well, it’s more likely the dog gets everything they need and living together is comfortable for all.

Must Rewarding Always Be Fun?

One of the most common misconceptions about reward-based training methods is that everything should be fun and the dog should always get their way.

How Cool Was Skinner?

The internet is brimming with interesting dog-related articles. Some of them tend to linger in our minds. One of these is Gail B. Peterson’s article about Skinner’s shaping demonstration.

Old Dog vs New Puppy

Warning. This topic is a tearjerker. An old dog. The dog you have lived with perhaps for years, gone through thick and thin together.